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Arrr you ready? Anchors away!

What’s the story of Bury'd Treasure?

Bury’d Treasure is a pirate adventure game that’s perfect for families to have fun together in Bury this summer. Anyone can play, it won’t cost a single gold coin and even better, there’s loads of prizes to win!

Loads of schools across Bury have signed the scroll to be part of Bury’d Treasure but don’t worry if yours hasn’t – you can still play along!

When does the adventure start?

The Bury’d Treasure trails will be ready and waiting for you to discover every single day between 25th June and 2nd September 2018.

Where are we heading?

There’s seven (yes, seven!) different routes to explore all across Bury:

  • Clarence Park, Bury
  • Nuttall Park, Ramsbottom
  • Close Park, Radcliffe
  • Peel Tower, Holcombe Hill
  • Prestwich Clough
  • Phillips Park, Whitefield
  • Burrs Country Park, Bury
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Have Fun

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Stay Fit

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All hands on deck!

Here’s how it all works...

  • Each walk you go on will take you past seven simple puzzles (some are really easy to spot, but you’ll need to look harder to find the others)
  • Once you find a puzzle, you need to work out the answer (this will be a letter or number)
  • Once you’ve collected all seven answers, get your captain (parent or guardian) to key in the solution on our website or smartphone app
  • But that’s not all! Every time you go exploring and enter your solution, you’ll go into our Bury’d Treasure prize draw!
  • And there’s more! Every time you enter the draw, you’ll also get the chance to make your very own online pirate, by adding fun stuff to their costume, giving them a pet or even giving them a hair do!

Don’t forget to tell your captain! Each solution has to be entered by sundown on the Sunday (that’s midnight to them) of each week.

Let’s set sail!

To start your adventure:

  • Get a grown up to register on this website!
  • Pick your pirate!
  • Pick a walk!
  • Download and print the map!
  • Anchors away!
Set Sail!


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Do you have any questions about the programme? Please feel free to get in touch!